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Refresh your air quality with an air-con service

Your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t just for keeping you cool during the summer, it’s also there to help improve the air quality inside too. When working properly, your air conditioning system can filter out pollutants, airborne bacteria and pollen. However, over time, the gas in your vehicle’s air conditioning system diminishes and therefore it’s recommended that you carry out an air conditioning service every two years in order to keep it working at its optimum level.

Air Conditioning Service Machines

As part of an air-con re-gas we will check the pressure of your system, check the refrigerant levels and re-gas as required.

If there’s a fault with your air conditioning system we can check the system for faults or leaks, inspect the compressor and hoses around the condenser.

There are two types of air conditioning gas – the older R134A gas and the newer R1234YF gas. At Chris Williams Car Service and Repairs, we have machines to service both types so feel safe in the knowledge that your car will be properly maintained as per manufacturers guidelines.

If you have an air conditioning repair or would like your system serviced, book your car or van in with us today.

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